Why Your Vehicle Needs Checkups

During times of economic slowdown, it can pay to think about the condition of your family vehicle. In many cases, it's your second-largest investment next to the purchase of a house or apartment. Taking proper care of your car can pay dividends by extending its life and reducing the likelihood of major costly repairs down the road.

Bring your vehicle to a professional for basic preventive maintenance service and a close look under the hood. The many belts and hoses connecting key engine parts and systems are crucial to the operation of your engine-one of them breaking or becoming unhinged while you're out on the open highway at night can be a nightmare. Jiffy Lube trained and certified technicians will do a visual inspection for any unusual conditions of engine parts and functions as part of a regular Signature Serviceª oil change. They will also check all the vital fluids in your car's engine.

Protecting Your Investment

Does optimum fuel economy play a role in keeping a car on the road longer? The answer lies in how you drive your car. Driving wisely (not gunning the engine or accelerating in a hurry) can save gas as well as wear-and-tear. Extended idling burns more gas than restarts, so make sure to turn the engine off if you plan to sit awhile. Finally, avoid driving at high speeds or slamming down on the brake pedal.

Here's a very routine maintenance item: keep tires properly inflated and aligned to help reduce gas consumption. The less rubber on the road, the less energy is needed to propel the tires and the greater the gas mileage.

Listen To Your Car

Take a moment to listen for sounds that could mean minor repair work now instead of the need for replacing expensive parts later. Turn off the radio while driving and listen for suspicious noises. The transition from gear to gear in the transmission should be nearly silent without any grinding or rubbing noises. A humming sound from below, possibly a change in pitch based on acceleration, can mean the differential is low on lubricant or a more serious problem exists.

Having the oil changed as part of Signature Service at Jiffy Lube at the recommended interval (in many cases, every 3,000 miles) can help you to make sure that your car, your major investment, is in the best working order. Over time, oil becomes contaminated by many separate elements including carbon, moisture, dirt and metallic particles that result from engine use. Various chemical reactions may occur naturally over time and form sludge and varnish that can reduce the engine's efficiency. Technicians will also check other vital functions on a regular basis as well.

Following these guidelines can help make sure you get to and from where you want to go without any major problems on the road and keep your car operating at peak efficiency longer! After all, isn't it nice to know you can put off that first of many new car payments a little bit longer?

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