Low-Flow Toilets Save Water and Money

A growing number of homeowners have found a way to prevent money from going down the drain. They are using low-flow toilets precision-engineered to deliver superior flushing action.

The fact that not all toilets flush alike is being proven by consumers from the mansions of Southern California to the suburban dwellings of the Midwest and the high-rise apartments of New York City. Thanks to improved technology, today's toilets perform comparably to models of 10 years ago that used twice as much water.

A good example are toilets that feature the new Ingeniumª flushing system. The system, used in toilets manufactured by Kohler Co., can save an average family of four 11,000 gallons of water each year. This water savings not only makes it environmentally friendly, it also lowers water and sewer bills and can extend the life of a well or septic system.

The Ingenium flushing system is a gravity-fed, siphon-jet system that boasts the reliable performance associated with a commercial toilet while incorporating beautiful designs in a variety of colors to complement the decor of any bath or powder room.

Advantages of the new precision-engineered toilets include:

Powerful, complete flush-The potent force of water dropping down from the tank builds momentum as it channels water through a series of rim holes and a siphon jet, and then through a fully glazed 2-inch trapway. The result is a quiet, splash-free flush, while swirling water rinses the bowl clean.

Better hygiene-The Kohler toilet's large water surface provides for better hygiene as it helps maintain a more overall clean bowl. It also prevents residue from accumulating, meaning the toilet requires less frequent cleaning. The large water surface also reduces odor and aids the flushing action.

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