Getting more with your shopping dollars

More than ever, consumers want more out of their purchases. Affordable luxury is something consumers crave, and many retailers are responding. From high-end designers to the packaged-goods industry, companies are listening to consumers by creating products for shoppers who want the best of both worlds-high-end quality and good value in one product.

Elite fashion designers have made stylish clothing lines and luxury linens available to savvy shoppers. Style experts are expanding their product lines in department stores to offer good quality and value. Shoppers receive a sense of pride knowing they now have a high-quality look at a common sense price. These products represent a new retail trend called "pragmatic pleasures."

Fashion is not the only industry embarking on the practical pleasures trend. Household goods also are marketing new lines that offer consumers a little something extra.

The trend has even impacted the toilet paper aisle. Recent consumer feedback indicates more than three out of ten consumers say toilet paper doesn't last long enough. Scott Brands decided to meet that need by introducing Scott Extra Soft bath tissue, a velvety soft roll with 50 percent more sheets than competitive double rolls.

This rollout is the only brand extension from Scott since its 1913 introduction. In fact, the brand is credited with inventing toilet paper by marketing its original 1,000-sheet roll, a formula still attracting loyal tissue users.

Shoppers are also demanding quality, functional furniture for living and family rooms. Celebrated designers are collaborating with retailers to bring a combination of functional, yet fun lines into homes across the nation. Consumers can enjoy trendy, common sense chairs, rugs and other home accessories that don't cost a fortune.

From clothing to linens to household products, consumers who are looking for a little something extra in everyday items can find pragmatic pleasures for each room of their home.

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