Saving Money By Replacing Old Windows with Energy Efficient

Replacing old windows with more energy-efficient models is one of the more popular improvements homeowners can make-and there's a wealth of information on the Internet that can help you make your purchasing decision.

Unfortunately, the search for "windows" on the Internet can give you listings of hundreds of new computer products. The following is a list of unbiased and informative Web sites that provide information to help you make new window decisions for your home. -This Web site is sponsored by the Efficient Windows Collaborative with support from the U.S. Department of Energy's Windows and Glazings program. The site has an interactive section that allows consumers to calculate energy savings in their home's specific geographic region with various kinds of window options. -The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), a non-profit organization, provides ratings on windows, door and skylight products. These ratings are listed on an NFRC label on windows, and they enable a consumer to compare one product with another, based on how well a product will perform based on thermal performance, air leakage and condensation resistance. Visit the site to learn about this useful label and rating system. -The Energy Star program indicates the energy efficiency of thousands of products including appliances, windows, lighting, consumer electronics and residential heating and cooling equipment. Visit the site to learn more about the program's products and services. -A site where you can order a book that answers hundred of questions about energy efficient window technologies. -Calculate the energy savings that you will gain by replacing your windows with double or triple pane insulating glass. You can calculate the energy savings for furnaces, air conditioning and even insulation. -Gain an appreciation of what Low-E glass and Warm Edge Technology can do for your windows by learning all about the benefits of high-performance insulating glass.

By researching energy-efficient window options on the Internet, homeowners can save time, choose from a larger selection, and learn about windows that best suit climate.

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