Eating Out

Ahh…Mom’s escape! And this Mom’s most guilty pleasure! Who can resist the temptation of being served and waited upon for a change? You can enjoy a delicious meal and at the end leave the dishes to someone else! And while it is difficult to get that kind of service at home, what else is it that is really pulling you to eat out?

If you’re like me, it’s that one dish that you just can’t resist. Many $50 meals have been eaten at Outback by this family because I just had to have a Bloomin’ Onion. The same is true for Red Lobster and it’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits, Olive Garden and it’s fabulous salad dressing. The list goes on and on.

We have found one great solution! Make it at home! Sites like and provide virtually every “secret” recipe you need to eat out at home. Surprisingly, most of them are quick, very easy and can be created with things you already have in your kitchen. While you’re not likely to be offered a wine list and nice Italian music with your meal, using these easy recipes might just be the help you need in fighting your craving for dining out.

Another great idea for eating out savings is investing in an Entertainment book. For about $35 a year you can enjoy buy-one-get-one-free deals all over town. It pays for itself in less than two meals! In addition, you can enjoy great savings on movie and event tickets, museum admissions and a variety of other fun attractions. Use it as a sourcebook of outing ideas with your kids and your spouse!

If you are eating out often because you are too busy to cook, or too tired, try preparing meals ahead of time. Once a Month cooking is a popular idea, but try just making two of something each time you make a meal, and stick the other one in the freezer, that’s one quick meal for when you are too tired to cook next week!

And finally, the best idea I have ever heard: Feed the kids before you go! Especially helpful with little ones, this works wonders. Letting the children eat at home before you go out takes out the struggle of arguing with your children in pubic over dinner and you don’t have to pay for all those children’s meals that don’t get eaten.

Make dinner a fun time for the whole family by ordering the kids a small dessert when you get there. They can eat their dessert while you enjoy a peaceful dinner with happy kids…for less money!

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