When it comes to family outings or dates with your spouse, these expenses can really add up! But by being attentive to opportunities out there, you can save a lot of the expense that can take the fun out of a night out.

Pay-per-view is a terrific way to enjoy a movie for less than $4. While they aren’t the latest releases, these are the same movies that were out in theaters two months ago. And they provide a great escape from the unintended but inevitable late fees of renting. You don’t have to trek out in bad weather to hit the video store and later make a mad dash to get the movies back on time. You simply hit the button and purchase. And I cannot say enough about the savings over actually going to the movies. You save on exorbitant costs of popcorn, drinks, individual tickets and the sitter.

Check your local paper. Many papers will advertise free and low-cost community events like fairs, festivals and parades. Pack up the cooler and the kids and you are out for a day of fun, without breaking the budget.

Try state parks. Most state parks only require a small donation to visit and invite families to enjoy the wonders of the outdoors. You provide your children with a fascinating educational opportunity and you don’t need to keep them quiet.

And again, the Entertainment book is a great place to look for savings at local venues. Use the book as a guide to events and activities in your area…all at a great discount!

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