Grocery Shopping

Again, I cannot stress enough the benefits of coupons! While a terrific money saver, coupons are also handy teaching tools for children. Matching products and adding up savings are great activities for teaching your youngster to be penny-wise.

Another great idea for saving in the grocery store is to always make a list. I know we all intend to take a list every time we shop. But you know what happens when you “just run in to pick up a few things.” Many times this can add up to almost as much as your weekly shop!

Try the old method of keeping a pad and pencil handy near the refrigerator to write things down as you run out. Once you have your list, sit down with the coupon section of your paper and start matching coupons! Keep a Grocery Notebook so you always pay the lowest price available!

Also, if possible, try to go to the store without your children. This prevents a lot of impulse buying on the part of the children and keeps you sane enough to not just throw what you need in the cart to get out of there without a scene. Think of it as Mommy time!

And of course, never go shopping hungry. If you feel the slightest bit of hunger before you go into the store, stop and eat a snack. Yes, the snack may cost $2, but you would spend that amount many times over by shopping with an empty belly.

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