Thursday- Feed Your Family & Save Money


Get out your grocery flyers and open those cabinets! Make your grocery list by matching up what’s on sale and what you need. Buy enough to hold you over to the next sale (usually about 6 weeks).

Create your weekly menu so you can save time! Prepare meals in advance so you can relax when you get home!


Groceries can eat up a large portion of your budget, but they are the easiest expense to cut! All you need is a small notebook and your neighborhood grocery store flyers. In your grocery notebook you will keep track of the lowest price you have paid for each grocery item. Just keep that first receipt to get started, when you get home write down the items you bought in categories and the price you paid. Do it in pencil so you can write a lower price when you find one! Then each week you will check all of the grocery flyers looking for that price or a better price. Grocery stores get you to come in by posting “loss leaders” in their flyers. They expect you to come in and spend money on other products, but you can beat them at their game by going to several stores and only buying what is on sale! Once you start doing this you will see sale cycles and you’ll know how much to buy to have enough to last until the next sale.

Part of the Womens-Finance Budget Challenge!

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