WalMart & Target

Where would we be without them? The Greatest Mommy Meccas of all time! Who among us hasn’t wandered into one of these wonderful places “just to look around” and come out with arms loaded and an empty wallet? To be honest, I think there are little money magnets in these places. I simply cannot go into Target without spending at least $30. In college, my checkbook register read like a Wal*Mart mantra. So, knowing that we simply cannot give up the cathartic discount shopping addiction, how can we beat this mighty budget breaker?

Browse online. If you are like me, just looking at the goods offered at Target or Wal*Mart is enough to satisfy my most minor urges to shop. I may like the items on sale, but I am less likely to buy when I see the shipping costs.

Only go in once a month. Take only the cash you can afford to spend and enjoy yourself. Any time other than your scheduled shop day, if you need household cleaner, wrapping paper, etc., send your husband in to get it for you. Sure, odds are good he’ll bring back the wrong brand or color, but you just saved yourself $30 by reading in the car.

Have your husband shred the flyer. Inevitably, I pick up the Target Flyer and see something I MUST buy! Odds are, if it’s something I haven’t thought of before, it’s probably not something I need. But the flyer is there prompting me to want something I had never even considered, because of the way it is displayed or the way it looks on the model. There are huge marketing departments out there, teams of people who’s entire career is to entice the Mommy Market to buy. If you never see the flyer, you have a much better chance of winning the war of the wallet.

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