Taking Control of Your Financial Future

Until recently, investing in the stock market was often limited to people with deep financial pockets and the means to fund and manage complicated and changing portfolios. Simply purchasing stock in a company required a lot of up-front cash, not to mention the knowledge and time to work closely with a stockbroker.

But now anyone can invest, thanks to ShareBuilder - an online brokerage that provides people with an affordable and easy way to invest for the long-term.

How does the site work? Simply put, you invest at your own pace, with very little effort. The investing philosophy is dollar-cost averaging, each week or month (you decide) ShareBuilder automatically buys the stocks or index funds you designate in the dollar amount you specify. Similar to a 401(k), it has been described as a terrific solution for people looking to earn their financial success over time, rather than by taking significant risks with active trading.

On the site, people can make regular automatic investments in over 4,000 stocks, index funds, or closed-end bond funds. There are no account or investment minimums, and no annual fees-making it extremely affordable ($4 per recurring transaction or $12 per month for unlimited purchases). ShareBuilder also offers various account types, including custodial accounts and IRAs.

To learn more, visit the Web site at www.sharebuilder.com. ShareBuilder is a registered broker, and accounts are protected by SIPC.

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