Travel Tips for Busy Professionals

(NAPSA)-Working in the corporate environment doesn't have to induce stress and strain if you plan ahead. Whether planning strategies for the success of the company or a simple business trip, the work/life balance is often tough to strike.

Today, many professionals sleep in hotels almost as often as they do at home and should not be bogged down by the small stresses that come from traveling back and forth. With people bouncing from airports to train stations-and beyond-in the pursuit of business, the makers of Tupperware¨ products recognize the importance of stress-free travel and offer some helpful tips from Tupperware Consultant and Organization Expert, Nellie O' Brien.
Pack only necessary clothes. Mixing an

matching separates offers enough versatility for outfit options, with fewer pieces of clothing. This enables business travelers to pack light and do some shopping in the airport, if time allows.

Bring a meal along. Most modes of transportation (such as trains and airlines) today no longer offer full meals and the choices at the travel hub are usually unhealthy. Think ahead and pack favorite eats-selecting food yourself is a better alternative, even if food is offered on the trip. Tupperware¨ Sandwich Keepers come in various sizes (square, round and rectangular) perfect for salad, bagel sandwiches or hoagies.

Always carry on. Avoiding baggage claim saves precious time and ensures your bag will arrive with you at your final destination. Purchase a regulation-sized suitcase that will fit in the overhead compartment and streamline your packing to get it all in the bag. If checking your bag is inevitable, pack one complete outfit in your carry-on.

Check it off. Even the savviest business traveler can be forgetful, so always carry a list of your belongings in case of missing items at the hotel. A detailed list will also prove helpful in the event checked bags are lost at the airport.

Portion control. Snacking is a way of life when traveling, but usually people grab potato chips or chocolate for the road. To help you avoid overeating, and ensure consumption of healthy goodies, the Tupperware¨ Snack Cup set features containers perfect for bite-sized snacks or single servings.
Charge! Bring a major credit card, in addition to an ATM card, and use it for everything. Relying on plastic is much safer than carrying large amounts of cash. It's also much easier to submit receipts for items paid for by credit card.

When traveling for business the best tips are to use your judgment and try to enjoy some leisure time at your final destination. To learn more about ways to ease little travel stresses, call 1-888-919-8099 or visit

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