Protecting Your Honeymoon

Most happy couples planning a honeymoon seem willing to invest significantly in the trip. In fact, honeymoons account for a $7 billion-a-year industry, with newlyweds spending an average of $3,719 on a honeymoon, according to Condé Nast Bridal Infobank.

"The honeymoon is the start of married life. The goal is to make the trip as magical as possible, and for many young people that means making their first foray into the world of luxury travel," explained Yolanda Crous, senior travel editor of BRIDE'S Magazine.

Couples should, however, be prepared for unforeseen circumstances that could hamper carefully made plans.
"I advise couples to buy travel insurance. Honeymoons are not only financial investments, they're emotional investments and the last thing you want is for the biggest trip of your lifetime to be postponed or taken away from you entirely," Crous emphasizes. "It's worth spending a little extra money to save yourselves the frustration further down the road."

A leading travel insurance provider recommends that honeymooners carefully investigate travel insurance options to find one that meets their specific needs. "Travel insurance is a great value-about five to seven percent of the total cost of a trip. For such a relatively small investment, couples buy peace of mind in a very economical way," said Beth Godlin, senior vice president of Access America.

"Decide whether you want insurance that covers travel supplier bankruptcy, trip cancellation or interruption and delays due to missed connections or lost baggage," Godlin advises. "Also, if you are traveling overseas, you may want to consider getting concierge and emergency assistance services."

Crous suggests couples use travel agents when planning their honeymoons, because, "if something problematic happens, they have help at their fingertips."

Travel agents can be a great, independent source of information and can recommend insurance that best suits each traveler's needs. When purchasing insurance, ask about coverage that provides protection for:
• Airline, tour, cruise or other supplier bankruptcy;
• Trip cancellation and interruption for other reasons;
• Accidents before or during your honeymoon that might prevent traveling;
• Missed connections, travel or baggage delays; and
• Concierge and emergency assistance.

For more information on travel insurance, talk to your travel agent or visit

A happier honeymoon may start with investing in a little travel insurance before the wedding.

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