Don't Let Jetlag Get You Down

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure there's never room in your schedule for jetlag. Headaches, exhaustion, dehydration, moodiness and dry, uneven skin are all symptoms of a time zone change and airplane ride.

While many aren't aware, there are a variety of tips that can help lessen the effects of jetlag and aide the body in bouncing back more effectively. Dr. Melanie Grossman, Diplomat Board of American Dermatology, explains that jetlag can leave body and skin looking tired and lifeless: "Many people, particularly women, don't realize the harrowing effects airplane travel can have on their bodies-particularly on their skin. The two most common mistakes women make when traveling are: not drinking enough water before their flight, and not properly cleansing facial skin upon arrival. Long flights can leave skin dry, patchy, and the body noticeably dehydrated."

Here are some tips to help overcome discomforts associated with air-travel.

The Day Before the Flight

• A good night's sleep and a well-balanced dinner will leave your body better able to fight off possible bacteria in the air.

• Adjust to the time change before you leave by going to bed earlier or later, depending upon your destination.

The Day of the Flight

• Eat light and drink plenty of water-keeping hydrated is crucial. Start drinking water before boarding the flight. It will reduce chances of water retention which can lead to swollen ankles and puffy eyes.

• Properly cleanse skin and apply moisturizer liberally.

• Pack a compact carry-on with: a water bottle, toothbrush, mouth wash, moisturizing eye drops and handy-wipes.


• Get comfortable. Bring along whatever makes you feel at ease. Whether it's a classical CD or your favorite novel, the more comfortable you are the less prone you will be to tension headaches, back- and neck-aches.

• Stay away from coffee, alcohol and sodas (with caffeine) that can dehydrate you. Stick with water to remain hydrated.

• If taking a "red-eye" flight, give yourself a pick-me-up towards the end of the flight. Go to the bathroom and freshen up; brush your teeth, change your shirt and apply a lightly scented tonic to leave senses feeling refreshed and revived.

Upon Arrival

• Once settled into your new surroundings, exfoliate facial skin. Dirt and dead dry skin cells can accumulate during the flight, leaving skin looking dull and lifeless. Great exfoliating pads to travel with are new Olay Daily Facials Pillows. They clean deep down to the pores and leave skin looking rejuvenated, radiant and well-rested. To save room in your luggage, drop a few in a zip lock bag for easy packing.

• If you land in the early afternoon and have an evening engagement, take a short nap; you will feel refreshed without throwing your body completely off of its internal clock.

• If you need to go directly to bed, draw a warm bath and light aromatherapy candles. Lavender scent helps to calm and soothe you into sleep.

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