Protecting Your Family Vacation With Insurance

Driving to a vacation destination is an American tradition. For decades, families have piled into station wagons, minivans or SUVs for economical getaways. A recent study from Roper found that 56 percent of American families plan to drive to their destinations this summer.

Driving is a great way to stretch vacation dollars. However, taking the family car may present challenges that many people overlook.

"Your family is precious cargo," says Beth Godlin of Access America, a leading travel insurance provider. "Add to that the value of the belongings packed in the car, and you've got to think about whether you have the right kind of protection."

Car insurance, credit card services and medical policies often don't cover travel expenses related to severe storms, auto theft, medical emergencies and hotel room burglary. For example, if you are in an auto accident or if your car is stolen, you may have to get a rental car or buy airline tickets. And car insurance deductibles can easily cost up to $500.

A new form of travel insurance is now available to cover the specific needs of car trips. For about seven dollars a day, families can purchase protection that covers the entire family traveling in the same vehicle. An example of this new insurance is Access America's Drive Protection, which covers deductible gaps in auto and medical policies. You can also get an Enhanced Drive Protection Plan that provides trip cancellation and interruption benefits.

If you are planning a road trip, be sure to get travel insurance that covers your specific needs. Ask about benefits such as coverage for:

• Car accidents and deductible costs

• Auto theft or carjacking

• Hotel room burglaries

• The whole family

• Trip cancellation and interruption insurance

For more information, visit or call (800) 284-8300.

Your next vacation trip can include more peace of mind if you arrange for travel insurance before you go.

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