Safety Tips for Female Travelers

As modern day travelers, people face many new safety concerns including personal security and theft. While some situations are not entirely in their control, there are precautions travelers can take to ensure their safety.

Here are some tips from E-Z Return Cell Phones to help you protect yourself during your next trip:

1. Make Copies of Important Documents. Having your wallet stolen can be a devastating experience. By making copies of all your important documents including credit cards, passport, driver's license and insurance information, recovering from such a loss is much easier. Keep one set at home and keep a second set with you, separate from your wallet.

2. Invest in a Cell Phone Return Service. Cell phones are lifelines for most travelers. One way of increasing your chances of getting your lost phone returned is to purchase cell phone insurance. For a one-time nominal fee, companies like E-Z Return Cell Phones ( provide consumers with a label to put on their cell phone that offers a $10 dollar reward to anyone who finds the phone and takes it to the nearest UPS™ store. UPS™ forwards the phone to E-Z Return Cell who then sends it back to its owner at no additional cost to the customer. Customers need to renew the service after successful retrieval of the cell phone.

3. Maintain Anonymity. When registering at a hotel, sign only your last name and first initial, leaving out titles and degrees. Doing so reduces the possibility of identify theft and makes it more difficult for potential predators to determine your gender, marital status and profession.

4. Protect Yourself Against Laptop Theft. Laptop theft continues to rise, especially in airports and hotels. To reduce the risk of having your laptop lifted, keep a close eye on your bags at all times, especially at security checkpoints, baggage claims and in hotel lobbies. Lock up your laptop when you leave your hotel room or have the front desk put it in the hotel safe. If possible, engrave your initials or some type of identification into the computer in the event that it is stolen, lost or accidentally ex-changed with another traveler.

5. Carry Multiple Forms of Currency. During the 2003 blackout in the northeastern U.S., many travelers found themselves without purchase power. With ATMs and credit card machines down and no cash in their pockets, many were unable to make even the most fundamental purchases like food and water. Whatever the situation, it is a good idea to carry multiple forms of currency including traveler's checks, a small amount of cash, a checkbook and only a few credit cards.

For more information about the cell phone return services call an E-Z Return Cell Phones representative at 877-849-5485 or customer

Having cell phone insurance can increase your chances of getting your phone back if it's lost.

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