Seasonal Travel: Protect Your Investment

More than a third of all Americans will make the most of the winter and spring travel season, whether that means hitting the slopes, relaxing on a beach or visiting family and friends, according to a recent study by American Express. While this time of year is growing in popularity for travel, what starts out as a joyride could turn into a bad trip for travelers who are not prepared for the unforeseen circumstances that winter and spring can hold in store.

"Winter and early spring are great times for travel, from snow sports to warm-weather getaways," said Beth Godlin of Access America, a leading travel insurance provider. "Savvy travelers are particularly careful to protect their vacation investment during this time of year. If you are planning a trip this season, consider buying insurance that safeguards against bad weather, traffic accidents, and natural disasters at home that prevent travel."

Purchasing a refundable ticket is a costly way to protect your trip against the unpredictable, because it often is much more expensive than travel insurance and comes with some restrictions. The price of a non-refundable ticket plus travel insurance is usually considerably less.

"Travel insurance is a safe and economical way to protect your trip," Godlin said, adding "when you buy travel protection, you'll get a lot more coverage for your money."

Talk to your travel agent about what type of insurance is best for you. When purchasing travel insurance, be sure to ask about coverage that protects against:

• Bad weather conditions and natural disasters that prevent traveling;

• Traffic accidents before or during your vacation;

• Airline, tour, cruise or other supplier bankruptcy;

• Missed connections; and

• Travel or baggage delays.

For more information on travel insurance, talk to your travel agent or visit

Travel insurance can protect your trip investment and save you money if an emergency occurs.

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