Travel tips for stress-free flights

Long lines at security checkpoints, traffic jams and lost luggage are just a few of the common complaints of holiday travelers.

While it's impossible to predict or control travel conditions, utilizing some of the latest innovations in travel technology, as well as some creativity in planning, can help to reduce stress during the busiest travel time of the year.

To help, Samsonite, the global leader in travel equipment, offers the following tips to ease hectic travel:

• Pack wisely: Examine everything that you would normally pack in your carry-on luggage and evaluate whether it would pass the scrutiny of airport security. While seemingly harmless, wrapped presents are a security no-no. Consider mailing gifts ahead, or sending all of your luggage in advance.

• Mark your bags: In addition to attaching address tags to the outside and the inside of your baggage, select visually striking and colorful luggage that will reduce the chances of someone walking off with your bag by accident. Samsonite's F'Lite and Signature lines offer distinctive styling and eye-catching colors that leave little margin for error, even on the most crowded baggage carousel.

• Choose the right luggage: Long airport concourses, narrow plane aisles and uneven pavement can frustrate even the most seasoned traveler. These are just some of the reasons Samsonite incorporates a wide range of convenience features and technological innovations into their luggage collections. Samsonite's Silhouette 8 line features SmoothRoller shock-absorbing wheels that roll easily on any surface, and a telescoping Right Height handle offers an extra 3" to accommodate taller travelers. Several of their luggage collections even offer Spinner wheels that provide 360 degree maneuvering and SideRollers that also roll on their side to help navigate narrow airplane and train aisles with ease.

• Check-In Online: One way to cut down on your airport time is virtual check-in, which is allowed by some, but not all, carriers. It enables you to check-in online from work or home, print your boarding pass and arrive at the airport prepared. Online check-in is generally allowed up to 12 hours before a plane departs.

• Go Wireless: To keep current with your flight status, sign up with your online travel service to have updates, as well as arrival and departure delays, sent directly to your PDA (personal digital assistant, like a Palm Pilot) or telephone. You even can have the information sent to the individual who's picking you up, as they may need it more than you do!

This season, give yourself the gift of peace of mind. By implementing just a few of these innovative tips, you can make even the most hectic travel schedule more manageable. For help finding luggage that will enhance your travel experience, visit

When flying, distinctive, colorful luggage can give you a lift, especially when you need to spot it on a crowded baggage carousel.

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