Save Money By Renting a Vacation Home

There’s a new trend in vacations today–and that is staying home–in a vacation home rental, that is.

Many people love to travel but prefer the comforts of home instead of staying in hotels or motels. The trend is catching on and people are taking advantage of this. More families are traveling together than ever before; and baby boomer reunions, family get-togethers are increasingly being held in rental homes.

A growing number of travelers, especially second and third time visitors to Europe, are choosing to live "like natives" in exotic locales throughout "the continent."

"European vacation rentals are a very economical alternative to hotels for adventurous vacationers from the U.S. who want to experience the ‘Old World’ in a more intimate way," notes Tony Haeusler, North American president of Interhome, Europe’s leader in vacation home rentals for the past three decades.

Because they are not bound by hotel meal plans, home renters can get the full benefit of the local culture by frequenting the village market for bread, fruits, vegetables and more, to be enjoyed in the privacy of their own home.

The money-saving factor is another reason travelers are renting homes in chosen vacation spots. For example, an apartment for two to four people in a newly restored castle in the Chianti Classico region in Italy costs approximately $1,200–or less than $175 per day–to rent for one week during the summer or fall seasons.

For more information call Interhome at call 1-800-882-6864.

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