Marriage & Money

Loan options to pay for a wedding
Home equity loan is one loan option to pay for the wedding bills.

Why your wedding plans should include life insurance
Why life insurance is important when you get married

Are you and your husband financially compatible?
Do your financial styles work together or against each other?

Marrying finances after the wedding
What you should do to combine your finances after the wedding

Requesting Charitable Donations Instead of Gifts at Your Wedding
Help support charities with your wedding.

Legal Advice for Unmarried Couples Living Together
Support for legal issues with unmarried couples

Choosing the perfect wedding gift
Selecting that perfect gift for the bride and groom

Matching wedding bands to the wedding theme
You don't need the most expensive band, instead chose one to suit the wedding

Expert advice for the day of your wedding
Those last minute perfections for the big day.

Brides & Grooms Ten Minute Financial Quiz
How compatible are you when it comes to finances?

Do you know where your husband keeps your family's financial records?
If not, you need to find out.

Women need greater savings
Why women need to save more money than men.

Today's newlyweds: Can they bank on happily ever after?
Smart money tips for newlyweds joining finances.

Credit & Divorce: What You Need to Know
Don't make any costly financial mistakes when you divorce.

Women's worth
Compared in ages and gender.

Women are worried about economic vulnerability
Concerns in a changing economic climate.

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