How to save 3-6 months' living expenses
If you don't have any extra money saved, here's how to save 3-6 months worth of living expenses.

How long do checks take to clear with Check 21?
Why your checks will clear your bank account faster than ever.

Why Women Should Be Aware of Family Finances & Banking
Why you should know what is going on in the family bank account

Give your banking & finances a health check
Revisit your banking and finances to check in and make sure it is all still working for you.

Important Personal Finance Facts for Women
Facts all women should know about their finances.

Protecting your identity both online and offline
Protecting yourself against identity theft.

Advantages to Online Banking
Why online banking is so popular

Why Direct Deposit is safer than checks
Why you should use direct deposit instead of checks.

Minimize financial impact incase of a natural disaster
Be prepared in the event disaster strikes you.

How your online bank protects you and your money
What protections banks have in place for you

Saving time with automated bill payments
Quick and easy bill payments, automatically paid before the due date.

Is your check a check?
What is the scoop on electronic checks?

Bill paying methods
Gone are the days when check and cash were the only way to pay your bills online.

Save with credit unions
Why choosing a credit union over a traditional bank can be the better choice for you.

ATM deposits get safe!
Wary of depositing through an ATM? Try these new safer machines for your banking deposits

Privacy policies at financial institutions
Your banking & your privacy

Find a great bank
How to select the best bank for your needs.

Money market accounts
What is all the buzz and how can they help you save money?

Compound interest for poor people
How to make compound interest work for you when you don't have lump sums of cash available.

Find a credit union
Finding a credit union is not as difficult as you may believe.
Debit cards, good or bad?

Understanding different types of bank accounts
So many accounts, so little time...

Tired of fees?
What are the alternatives?

Survey Shows Smaller Banks Offer Big Savings
Why a smaller bank may be your best choice for saving money.

Banking eating up your lunch hour?

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