Taxes & Tax Issues

Organize receipts for taxes
Tips for organizing all your receipts for tax time

Small & Family Businesses and Estate Taxes
Issues with estate taxes for small and family business owners

Understanding Schedule C taxes
Helping understand Schedule C for small business owners

Qualifying for the Earned Income Tax Credit EITC
How you can qualify for the EITC

Do you need a CPA for your taxes?
Not sure if you need a CPA or if you can do it yourself?

Pros and Cons of Filing Taxes Online
Should you file your taxes online this year?

Getting a tax credit for being energy efficient
An easy way to help the environment and save.

Compromising your back taxes
When you owe the IRS back taxes

Legal ways to protect your money from the IRS
Things you can do so you do not need to pay taxes on some income

Reducing your tax bill by going back to school
Getting educated helps your tax bill too!

Business Recordkeeping Series
Intro - Getting Started - Recordkeeping Basics

Tax implications when you invest
What do you need to know?

IRAs and other tax trimming tips
Tips to minimize your next tax bill

Lower your tax bite now while easing retirement later
Smart retirement plans lower your taxes now.

What to do when you are being audited by the IRS
What happens when the IRS has decided to audit you.

What should you do when you can't pay your taxes?
There are some options when you can't pay the IRS.

Top five taxpayer mistakes
Could any of these be costing you money?

Saving money through charitable donations
How donations can reduce your tax bill.

Top ten overlooked tax reductions
Can you deduct any of these?

What you need to know about your W-2
Are you up to speed on the latest?

A side business as a tax strategy
Another advantage to a home business.

How a child tax credit can benefit you
Your children may be worth even more than you think!

Free services the IRS Offers Taxpayers
If you need help, take advantage of these freebies

Tax trimming tips
More ways to trim those taxes!

Choosing a tax preparer
What are the things you should look for.

Your retirement & your taxes
What does it all mean?

W-2 Errors Can Cost You At Tax Time And Beyond
Why you should always double check your W-2

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Basics
What is the AMT and how will it benefit you?

Services accountants offer throughout the year
Needs beyond the regular tax season rush.

How much will the changed 2001 tax laws save you?
A break down of the tax saving changes.

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